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15 Animals That Could Defeat A Crocodile19:46

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Crocodiles and alligators are apex predators not many animals enjoy crossing their paths. However, there are a handful of animals that can give them a run for their money. How do you think a hippo would fair against one of these mighty reptilians? What about an electric eel? If you want to see some animals bring it to these two powerful creatures, sit and watch as we count down 15 animals that could defeat crocodiles or alligators. ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► Watch our “15 Times Animals Were Jerks To Other Animals” video here: Watch our “15 Real-Life Animal Heroes That Really Exist” video here: Watch our “” video here: Jaguar A fully matured jaguar may capture any crocodilian, regardless of species, such as the Nile or Orinoco croc, or any other Cayman, including the black Cayman, if their head fits in its mouth and it can crush their skull with a single lethal bite. In our first video, this jaguar seems like it's full-grown and it just carries this crocodile out of the water as if it was a stuffed animal. This jaguar is so powerful and massive and let’s not forget it attacked the crocodile in its territory, which was a big disadvantage for the Jaguar. Of course, it was an ambush, and the crocodile wasn’t expecting it, but the odds were still high that the Jaguar would not succeed because it was in the water. In this next clip, this jaguar grabs onto a caiman and suffocates it before it takes it to its hideout. It doesn’t look like the caiman had much of a chance. In Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands, this jaguar sneaks up on this lone caiman from behind and ambushes it successfully. The caiman didn’t even have time to say “hi” and the Jaguar was already in the water choking it. You can see the jaguar swimming to a small patch of sand in the middle of the lake and just grab the caiman in a flash. Even though the caiman nodded its head from left to right, obviously letting the Jaguar know it wasn’t interested in being lunch, the Jaguar went ahead, nonetheless. Python Pythons can subdue enormous prey by encircling it with their muscular bodies and suffocating it. The task of eliminating a huge, aggressive predator like a freshwater crocodile is just half completed. The other half is eating it! In this first clip, this python is looking for trouble, approaching a crocodile protecting its eggs. It goes in headfirst and the crocodile snaps on its head without hesitation, but two young men intervene and move the python away. They try to grab the crocodile, but it keeps slipping away from them. In our next sequence, this python comes face to face with an alligator and it almost looks like they’re going to kiss. The python even slithers over the alligator’s face, but the alligator remains immobilized and almost looks dead. Nothing happens and the alligator leaves. I guess they both didn’t feel like engaging! Our next clip is the real deal. This python is eating this alligator alive. You can see the alligator trying to escape, but it looks like it’s not going to happen. This is one big powerful snake, but it’s not an easy kill, because the alligator almost gets out of the hold and out of the python’s mouth. From what I was told, this battle lasted 5 hours and the python ended up being successful.

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