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Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Test6:01

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Watch the speaker comparison on Instagram: Battery test between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max to see which phone offers better battery life. TEST NOTES: - Screens were calibrated to 200 nits with auto-brightness turned off. - Speakers calibrated to the same decibel count. - Tested within equal distance of a mini cell tower. - Tested in a temperature controlled environment. - All devices tested were new and had 100% battery health. SUBSCRIBE HERE: FOLLOW US HERE: About PhoneBuff: It's not official until it's done #phonebuffstyle! Home of the best smartphone speed tests, drop tests, and battery tests. Send Products To: PhoneBuff 23811 Washington Ave 110-394 Murrieta, CA 92562 Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Test PhoneBuff

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