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If I Catch a Gen 2 Pokémon, I Buy It.21:27

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the reason Pokémon is out of stock, is SOLELY because of me... Click here to learn more about Pokémon UNITE ➡️ Thank you to the Pokémon Company International for sponsoring today's video! #sponsored SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ➡️ ​ ⬅️ In This Video, i randomized Pokemon Crystal, and gave myself only 50 pokeballs. Whichever pokemon I caught, i HAD to buy. I CANNOT RUN FROM POKEMON, which made this video.... Kinda expensive. I cannot wait to fill out my entire background with EVERY generation of Pokemon. Follow all of these or you're bad at pokemon: 🎮 DISCORD! ✍🏻 Twitter! 📸Instagram! ⏰TikTok! 👾Reddit! More Purplecliffe: 2ND Channel: ROBLOX Channel: VODS Channel: edited & produced by: #pokemon #purplecliffe

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