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If you beat this, I give you $2000...11:51

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Install State of Survival for FREE: for a chance to win a Lamborghini!! Thanks State of Survival for sponsoring. Giveaway terms and conditions: I will give $2000 to the first to beat this Minecraft Difficulty, because I know it's impossible. There is just no way... Twitch (I STREAM A LOT): Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): Discord: NOTE: There are secrets I didn't showcase in the video, to make the game even harder for you ;) HOW TO DOWNLOAD N STUFF: first get this: thats the plugin (aka. difficulty that I made) Get a spigot server up and running for 1.17.1, the plugin is made for that and you can just follow a tutorial for all of that. Make sure to have a full recording from start to finish of you beating the game, (it can be attempted with multiple people). The person who wins the $2000 is NOT the fastest, but the FIRST to beat it and prove it to me. You can send in the video/twitch vod via Twitter dm's, email, or just tweeting it. no hacks, cheats, xray, etc... is allowed. A set seed is allowed ONLY if the portal isn't fully filled in. My plugin HAS to be the only plugin that is enabled. GOODLUCK #Fundy #Minecraft #ImpossibleDifficulty now the word soup: In this video I dont play on the DreamSMP, but instead I made one of my babymode difficulties, or impossible difficulties. It makes minecraft impossible in the hopes of a minecraft, but video like dream / dreamwastaken or george / georgenotfound or tommyinnit or wilbur or other dream smp members have done in the past. I coded it so that minecraft is actually impossible, and this is a custom difficulty / challenge / minecraft but for you to try out! I hope you enjoy this fun little project, it was a blast to record and make, and I definitely did enjoy it. I hope you have fun watching!

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