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iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro — MEGA Review!45:00

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iPhone 12 Reviewed! Go to and sign up for FREE. First 200 also get 20% the annual Brilliant subscription! 🐁 iPhone 12 Pro Max Review: 🐘 iPhone 12 mini Review: Yes, the iPhone 12 Pro is the same price as the iPhone 11 Pro. A bit less, even, when you adjust for storage, especially for storage upgrades. The regular iPhone 12, though, well that’s $100 to $150 bucks more, depending on your carrier and AC adapter situation. But, for that money, you’re getting an iPhone 12 that’s closer, just far closer than ever to being an iPhone 12 Pro. Similar redesigns, just different colors and an aluminum band with a gloss back instead of a stainless steel band with a mate back. Very similar OLED display, just not quite as bright when not showing HDR. Identical A14 Bionic chipset, just 4GB of memory instead of 6. Identical LTE and 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, and U1 ultra-broadband. Same App Store and Apple Store support. The only big difference is the additional telephoto camera and LiDAR scanner, and double the extra base storage. And then, for just $150 more than that, you’re getting the full on iPhone 12 Pro with… all of that. For me, that makes the Pro worth it. Aide from connecting to the internet, the camera is just the most important feature to me. To quote someone I met in an iPhone line, I can never go back in time to get better photos so I always want the best camera I can have at any time. If you’re coming from an iPhone 6s or 7 or 8, even a X or XR, everything taken together, from the OLED display to the better cameras and radios, MagSafe, just everything, makes for a really compelling upgrade. If it’s just too much cash for you, if you weren’t asking for OLED or 5G, Apple just did their Usual price drop on last year’s model as well, and you can now get an iPhone 11 with LCD and LTE starting at $600, which Might just be super compelling in 2020. The iPhone XR from 2018 is now starting at $500 as well, and this year’s new iPhone SE, which is kind of like iPhone 11 guts in an iPhone 8 body, is at $400. If you have an iPhone XS or 11, especially 11 Pro, and you don’t just have money to burn, and aren’t on an annual update program — or, of course, work in the tech industry — then you’ve got to really, really not just want but need the new camera, especially on the 12 Pro, to even remotely consider it. SUBSCRIBE 🔔 REFERENCES Apple A1 Deep Dive: iOS 14 with John Gruber: iPhone SE Review: iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Review: All iPhone 12 Videos: All Review Videos: SPECIAL THANKS Patreon supporters who help make these videos possible: Luminous Moose, Daniel Pasco, Jeffrey David Marraccini, Bill Duenges, Chad Valencia, Odi Kosmatos, Mark Lussier, Martin Perry, Connor Porter, Christopher Wiggins, Jon Wheeler, Josef, Frederick Lakes Jr., Steven Perry, Scott Graham, Aziz Rahman, Nick Florez, Robert Simplicio, Ruben Flores, Philippe Bueche, Michael Dreves, Sam Fingold, Front Page Tech, Sven Jasper, Clive, Kyle Giglio, Lance Advanced, Sridhar Ayala, Dude, Rod Gray, Samantha Alice Raven Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits: 🙏 APPLE TALK PODCAST Apple: RSS: YouTube: NEBULA subscribers get a bonus topic each week: Audio: Video: Index: 0:00 - iPhone 12 & Pro Intro 0:18 - iPhone 12 & Pro Pricing 3:22 - iPhone 12 & Pro Design 7:20 - iPhone 12 & Pro Display 15:25 - iPhone 12 & Pro Camera & LiDAR 23:42 - iPhone 12 & Pro Dolby Vision Video 26:40 - iPhone 12 & Pro Performance 29:38 - iPhone 12 & Pro 5G & LTE 33:42 - iPhone 12 & Pro MagSafe Power 38:08 - iPhone 12 & Pro Conclusion 42:42 - iPhone 12 & Pro Buying Advice MORE ⭐️ Nebula: 🐦 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🌎 Web: 🍎 Podcasts: 🌥 Overcast: 👖 Pocket Cast: Thanks for watching, see you next video!

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