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iPhone 12 Mini & Pro Max: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?9:54

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Should you get an Apple iPhone 12 Mini in White, Black, Red, Blue, or Green? Or Maybe the 12 Pro Max in Silver, Pacific Blue, Graphite, or Gold? We go in-depth on all the iPhone 12 colors and show you how they look in different lighting conditions! Comment what iPhone 12 Mini Color or 12 Pro Color you like the best! iPhone 12 Mini Cases: Apple MagSafe Leather Case: Mujjo Leather Case: Pitaka Aramid Fiber Case: Totallee Thin Case: Slim Torras Case: iBlason Colored Ares Case: iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases: Pitaka Aramid Fiber Case: Apple Leather Case with MagSafe: Matte Torras Case: Bulky i-Blason Ares: Totallee Thin Case: Slim Torras Case: I-Blason Cosmo Case: Timestamps 0:00 - All iPhone 12 Mini & iPhone 12 Pro Max Colors Compared Intro 0:17 - All Colors in Bright Studio Lighting 0:38 - All Colors & Boxes Outside (B-Roll) 1:01 - Cases on The Devices Will Show Color Through Front 2:35 - Blue 12 Mini vs Pacific Blue 12 Pro Max, Stainless vs Aluminum 3:05 - Matte Back on 12 Pro vs Glossy Back on the 12 Mini 3:31 - All Phone Colors Outside (B-Roll) 3:55 - Different Lighting Conditions on the Phones 4:30 - Black is Sleek but White Pairs with Any Case Color 4:52 - 12 Mini in Some Cases (B-Roll) 5:17 - 12 Pro Max in Some Cases ( B-Roll) 5:38 - *Aluminum Sides of the 12/12 Mini 6:13 - The Colored Accents on the 12/12 Mini 6:30 - The Apple Logo on the Back 6:52 - Stainless Steel Sides on the 12/12 Pro Max, Scratches? 7:54 - The Colored Accents on The 12/12 Pro 8:07 - Some More Shots in Darker Environments (B-Roll) 8:17 - Thoughts on Gold and The White Colors 8:37 - Examples of White Devices to Show the Color on The 12 9:19 - Closing Thoughts & a Bit More Footage All iPhone 12 Mini Colors Unboxing Playlist: All iPhone 12 Pro Max Colors Unboxing Playlist: Subscribe for more: My Tech/Video Gear: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Business Inquiries: Intro Song: Marble Tea - Shawn Wasabi #iPhone12Mini #iPhone12ProMax #ColorComparison

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