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Nvidia’s plan ISN’T WORKING7:03

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Check out the Volta 2.0 cable today at GET MERCH: SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: LTX EXPO: Timestamps: 0:00 you're in big trouble 0:08 RTX 3060 can still mine 1:23 Facebook un-bans Australia 2:33 Stadia's in trouble 3:37 Volta 2.0 4:10 QUICK BITS 4:15 Windows 10 Sun Valley update 4:46 HP buying HyperX 5:14 Samsung Exynos laptop 5:41 Fry's Electronics shuts down 6:17 Anthem reboot cancelled NEWS SOURCES IT’S UNHACKABLE, OKAY? OG plan: RTX 3060 can still mine crypto profitably Miners already buying up stock before release pretty fast NAME YOUR PRICE Facebook makes deal over news in Australia 1 billion news deal Microsoft throws Google under the bus in European news fight THE STADIA’S CLOSED Class action lawsuit over Stadia 4K claims developers can’t fix Stadia bugs because they were fired Microsoft taking up the cloud gaming ‘big claims’ mantle QUICK BITS HERE COMES THE SUN Massive Windows 10 Sun Valley update HP INCREASED HP acquiring HyperX from Kingston for 425 million EXY-NOOOO Samsung to release Exynos + AMD powered laptop this year SHUTUP AND (DON’T) TAKE MY MONEY (ANYMORE) See ya later Fry’s THERE WON’T BE A NEXT TIME Anthem Next is cancelled --------------------------------------------------- AFFILIATES & REFERRALS --------------------------------------------------- ►Affiliates, Sponsors & Referrals: ►Private Internet Access VPN: ►MK Keyboards: ►Nerd or Die Stream Overlays: ►NEEDforSEAT Gaming Chairs: ►Displate Metal Prints: ►Epic Games Store (LINUSMEDIAGROUP): ►Official Game Store: ►Amazon Prime: ►Audible Free Trial: ►Our Gear on Amazon: FOLLOW US ELSEWHERE --------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: FOLLOW OUR OTHER CHANNELS --------------------------------------------------- Linus Tech Tips: Techquickie: ShortCircuit: LMG Clips: Channel Super Fun: Carpool Critics:

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