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So, sportswear companies are selling "corsets" now. Let's investigate.16:15

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Try Acorn TV free for 30 days by going to and using promo code "bernadette". For a closer peek at a real Khiva-style corselet, Redthreaded has just acquired an extant one and has put out a fantastic examination video! Super special thanks to Constance Mackenzie for the athletic corsetry chats and for reviewing my research; I reserve any factual errors or misinterpretations as my own. Constance's lovely channel: Labor ethics disclaimer from the brand which the corset was purchased: Despite this disclaimer, however, I was unable to find satisfactory evidence to prove that the brand have established contractual requirements with their manufacturers to ensure that the factories commissioned to manufacture products are paying their employees at living wages. Furthermore, I was disappointed to find that this brand is one of the many guilty of cancelling partly- or fully-completed orders this year without paying manufacturers for labor performed. For this reason, I do not endorse this brand and I do consider this purchase to be in violation of my anti-fast fashion endeavors. Though I won’t be returning the item, as that doesn’t do anything productive, I will upcycle it into something I can use—and intend to give the purchase of this garment a net-positive outcome by donating the ad revenue from this video to the Clean Clothes Campaign (, an organisation which is dedicated to improving garment worker rights and conditions worldwide. 2019 report on brands and ethical labor policies/future plans: SOURCES & FOOTNOTES: Due to character limitations, the full page of footnotes can be found here: Gartland, Elizabeth. "The American lady-tailor glove-fitting system of dress making". Philadelphia, PA, 1884. Hill, Lucille (editor). "Athletics & Outdoor Sports for Women, 1903 edition: The First Book of American Women's Sports". The Lost Century of Sports Collection, December 20, 2014. Warner, Patricia. "When the Girls Came Out to Play: The Birth of American Sportswear". Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts Press, August 2, 2006. *I actually disagree with this; I mean, yes, it *could* probably be worn over another corset, but the advertisement declares that this corselet 'supersedes the corset' and highlights its intention to be worn only on the upper part of the body, allowing for perfect freedom of movement in the lower. I think they've drawn this conclusion because of the strange little buttoned tabs coming out the bottom of it, but the advertisement shows the woman using these tabs to button the waist of her skirt in place. Since the Khiva corselet is very short in length, it wouldn't provide that secure anchor point at the waist that normal, bust-to-hip corsets do. Footage and images from the Symington Collection are used with permission from Leicestershire Collections. Portals to Other Realms: Instagram, for real-time progress: (@bernadettebanner) Patreon, for more vloggish and bloggish content:  Prints & merch of design sketches: For ***BUSINESS ENQUIRIES*** please contact my representation at: [email protected] (BUSINESS-RELATED correspondence is handled here. Messages do not reach me directly.) Due to current ongoing project commitments, requests for dressmaking commissions, individual research or project consultation are not considered at this time. Music: (All music from unless otherwise specified.) "Strolling in Style" by Raymond Grouse Marty Gots a Plan Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Winnipeg Sneak" by Arthur Benson "How to Tango" by Arthur Benson "Secret Agents" by Spectacles Wallet and Watch "Changing" by Fabian Tell "Mister on the Corner" by Raymond Grouse Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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