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The Mandalorian 102 | The Child | AKIMA Reactions25:09

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Hello everyone and welcome back! We are getting a lot of snow today! Whoo! Anywho, expect a lot of reactions over the next few days! We are doing a lot better now thanks to your help! Yay! We work hard to spread the love! :D Thanks for watching and see you soon as always! CHECK OUT OUR ENTIRE FULL REACTIONS TO MOVIES AND SHOWS HERE: VOTE FOR OUR NEXT SHOW/MOVIE AND REQUEST SOMETHING AS WELL! Patreon is what keeps our channel creating... this is the only way we can keep this up and we thank you! :) OUR MAIL ADDRESS (If you send us stuff, we'll put it in our videos!) Storm Akima P.O. Box 2580 New Preston Marble Dale, CT. 06777 COPPA LAW 2020: Click on our Storm Akima LINK to find hidden videos (law forces certain videos to be unsearchable with no notifications since they may be 'appealing to kids', even if they are intended for an older audience). Want to never miss a video?! (Check out our other social media sites): We update our newest videos and other news here everyday... Check out CG Masters here! Check out ZoorgMedia here! My ART for sale through DISPLATE! Mainly AVATAR and my LOGO XD PLEASE USE THE LINKS PROVIDED TO SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL. THANKS! AVATAR Poster on steel- STORM AKIMA Logo on steel- AVATAR EVIL on steel- KATAANG on steel- AVATAR Holiday on steel- AVATAR on the Beach on steel- Our BACK UP Channel for Storm Akima (just in case, subscribe here too!) My Art Channel ART BUZZ: (Please subscribe so we can change this infernal weird URL:)

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