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The Mandalorian | Promise3:47

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“I'll see you again, I promise. ” Can't be happier to work on Mandalorian again. Such a great show & adventure and I enjoyed this season as much if not more than the previous one. What a crazy ride. Here is a little video to remind you guys how this show is amazing. Also, merry christmas to everyone of you. I love you all and I wish you the best holidays possible. It's the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you like it ! __ #TheMandalorian #DinDjarin *Music: Cézame Trailers - Autumn Music *Music2: Cézame Trailers - Facing the Past *Discord : *Patreon: A list of people who make this work possible:The Great Ash (WorthyEdits) , Zachary Tepe, Joel Mendoza, Justin Perry, Kerem Durdag, Krish Patel, Lucas Hotle, Maddy Winkel, Mark W Hall, Mark Wilson, Matthew Mohl, Michel Steiger, Miglė Stankevičiūtė, Mike Drum, Nicolas Alexander, Nnobody, Paul Coker, Phantom X0X, Sean Whitesides, SheVitus, Simon Sgroi, The Rusty Lion, themostlegitness, Tyler Lewis, Victor Hinz, Aidan King, Alexander Burns, Alexander Minster, Allen Elliott, amator95, Andrew7912, Anthony Gallego, Audrey Dalum, Bobby Sampson Jr, BreakFree, Cassie Douglas, ceren stoop, Chase Poulin, Chris Wayne, Christoph Gerecke, Chryghton, Devin Delaney, Elora Maxwell, Ernest Bethel, Eventhorizon, Freddy, Grace, Hollis Rhodes, Ira Patole, Jacob Forrester, Jei, Jesse Jr, Titan Edits, Jessie Valladares, Steve The Shark The Great, togger, Chloe Shea, Maia Witte

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