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Top 5 Funniest Jokes from "Mr.Universe" Jim Gaffigan27:02

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Here are the funniest jokes from my standup special Mr.Universe! I hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe and leave a like if you agree with my order! PALE TOURIST is NOW streaming on Amazon. BEST of / FUNNIEST COMPILATION Animals Fast Food Jesus Clothing Donuts Stores Catholic Drinking Disney Japan Fish HEALTHY & HAPPY Gardening INTRO CORN THE PALE TOURIST Asian American (Full Set) Florida Man (Full Set) Ontario vs Quebec Superstitions Canadian Map Tapas Moose Tourists Halifax Donair QUALITY TIME Marathons Horses Appendix Museums Lying Dog Birthdays Cold Weather NOBLE APE My Wife's Brain Tumor Massages Pope My Least Favorite Doctor UK vs US CINCO Morning Person Steak is Manly Hiking Idiot Abroad Easier to be a Guy Big Family OBSESSED Weddings Victoria's Secret Seafood Bath vs Shower Can't Stop Eating MR. UNIVERSE Vitamins Whales Fitness Goals Home Birth KING BABY Camping Bacon Waffle House BEYOND THE PALE Hot Pockets I'm Korean Doing Nothing Out To Dinner Cake Vegetarian SUPER OLD Manatee Glasses MERCH Proceeds donated to LETS GET COOKIN' World’s Favorite Quarantine Cooking Show Toast Burger Pork Hotdog & Eggs Pizza Pasta Hot Dog Fest Meatball Parm Peas & Corn Mikey Takes Over Oatmeal Soup Garbage Plate Chicken Fillet KC BBQ Bacon Wrapped Steaks THE MIKE & PAT SHOW: (next Pewdiepie or Roblox addicts challenge) Daddy Dog Hot Pocket Spaghettios Liverwurst Twinkies Fluff Vegemite Garden Veggies My Kids React my 1st Stand Up TV Spot My Kids React my 1st 1/2 hr Special DINNER WITH THE GAFFIGANS nightly 6pm E. Watch past episodes click JOIN & become MEMBER. Fee (99 cents) donated to JIM EATS THE WORLD (mukbang asmr local food) St.Louis Pizza KC BBQ Garbage Plate Polish Boy Spain Colombia Paella PALE FORCE w/ Conan - CORONAVIRUS LIFE (Try not to laugh+ CBS SUNDAY) Welcome to Quarantine My Kids Ask Covid-19 Pandemic CBS Sunday Morning Mega Compilation Jim Gaffigan is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer. He presently has 5 stand up specials on Netflix and 3 on Amazon Prime Video. He wrote 2 New York Times Best Sellers DAD IS FAT and FOOD: A Love Story He co-created and starred in a tv series based on his life called The Jim Gaffigan Show. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and films in both comedic and dramatic roles. TEXT JIM 646-980-6600

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