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vines that toast my buns27:54

Maggie McMahon 7.240.921 lượt xem

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28 minutes of pure Vine nostalgia. Enjoy. "What song is that?" → Check it out here: This is a re-upload. I posted the original video in May 2018, but it was blocked in December 2019 due to a copyright issue. It had 22M views and is dearly missed. Answers to common questions: • At 7:35, they’re screaming at a snake on the top rung of the windowsill. • In the Vine starting at 13:07, she's saying "I broke my bed," not "I broke my back." (The following Vine on her channel showed the broken bed) • Yes, I arranged some of the clips by common themes (giraffes, summer, rain). See how many groupings you can find :) • No, these are not arranged by alphabetical order (???) If you are in any of these Vines, you are my hero and I want your autograph.

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