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What if gamer mom working in epic games part 25:53

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What if a gamer mom working in epic games part 2 I hope u will enjoy guys If u like my video pls like "Pls share to your friends and help poor youtuber" Games used: FORTNITE Gameplay used from ADG Music: 🎵Kevin MacLeod the builder 🎵 Kevin MacLeod scheming weasel 🎵Street Fighter 5 - Ken's Theme (SFV OST) 🎵Kevin MacLeod Hitman 🎵The marvik ya blew it 🎵 Goblin from mars Bad wolf 🎵Ever Felt pt. 2 - Otis McDonald want to talk with me? Inspiration: Axzyte Allipse gaming Gemo sapians I know I'm awesome Gidu gaming Leo - kun Wasif pls support me guys!! did u see my recent vids? I recommend to watch that u will enjoy a lot I'm creating vids with my 💚 any suggestions/ideas/questions? comment below I will try to answer everyone pls share to your gaming friends 💜 they will enjoy 1 video per week (I'm having busy schedule 🤧🤧🤧) enjoy your time Stay awesome!!

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